Blockchain Italia at CES 2024: Introducing TokNox, the Tokenization Platform

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Blockchain Italia at CES 2024: Introducing TokNox, the Tokenization Platform

Milan, January 22, 2024 – Blockchain Italia, a leading software house in the blockchain and web3 sector in Italy, unveiled the tokenization platform TokNox at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES).

The CES, held from January 9 to 12, 2024, in Las Vegas, is one of the world’s most prestigious technology events. The Italian pavilion, showcasing a mix of innovations, captured global attention, highlighting the substantial role that Italian startups play in the international tech scene.

The delegation, consisting of 50 startups from 13 regions and led by the Italian Trade & Investment Agency, demonstrated Italy’s excellence in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. With 600 square meters within the Eureka Park in Las Vegas, the Italian pavilion served as an exceptional stage for Italian companies, supported by the Region of Sardinia and the national research organization Area Science Park.

Blockchain Italia’s role in contributing to the delegation’s success is a source of particular pride. The presentation of TokNox, a platform utilizing Algorand blockchain for secure and efficient asset tokenization, digital document management, digital signatures, and secure storage functionalities, received positive feedback from industry experts and CES participants.

We are very pleased and proud to have presented TokNox at CES 2024,” commented Alessandro Brigato, Project Manager of Blockchain Italia and CEO of TokNox. “The platform has generated significant interest among visitors who appreciated its potential in various sectors. We will continue to refine the solution because we believe it can have a significant impact on the document tokenization market.

Among the innovative companies in the Italian delegation was Genuino, a certification protocol based on blockchain connecting NFTs to real-world objects, co-founded by Gabriele Bernasconi.

Aitem develops AI software designed to assist doctors and veterinarians in diagnoses, while Certy offers an advanced AI system to detect online fraud.

Contents, with its generative AI platform, creates multilingual web content. EZ Lab, another innovative example, uses blockchain and AI to trace agri-food supply chains, making a significant contribution to innovation in the food industry.

Corderblock, an Italian company based in Palermo, showcased its proposal in the metaverse world, creating virtual lands that combine elements of role-playing games, multiplayer online game interactivity, and virtual commercial experiences.

This AI Metaverse goes beyond the limits of conventional virtual reality, allowing companies to offer engaging experiences that combine entertainment and business functionality. This new approach significantly improves lead generation and marketing activities for teams, opening new horizons in digital communication.

Other Italian startups in the delegation include:

3DNextech, AI4IV, Aindo, Alba Robot, Alert-Genius, ARIA Sensing, ArtCentrica, Athics, BrainWaves, Develop-Players, Domethics (CES Innovation Awards 2024 Honoree), Fifth Ingenium, Flywallet, Ganiga, Hexagro, Innoitaly, Innova, It’s Prodigy, Kintana, Levante, Light On Your Side, M2Test, MyCulture, NExT, Partitalia, Powandgo, Protom Robotics, REair, SAM, Searcode, Skyproxima, SnapAll, Sport Business Lab Consultancy, Sunspeker, Tecnojest, The Meter, The Nemesis, The Thinking Clouds, TMP Group, Travel Verse, Truesense, Visual Note, Vitrum Design.
Blockchain Italia expresses sincere thanks to ICE, especially the Los Angeles delegation, for the tremendous support that made this participation in CES 2024 possible, as well as to the organizers, participants, and all who showed interest in TokNox.
The positive reception we received fuels our passion for innovation and the continuous development of our solutions. This event not only connected us with an enthusiastic community but also facilitated a fruitful exchange of ideas and contributed to the ongoing dialogue on blockchain.
Looking to the future, we are more determined than ever to enhance TokNox to build a world where blockchain technology can set new standards for transparency and efficiency. We look forward to sharing further progress and successes on our journey towards innovation.

About Blockchain Italia Srl
Blockchain Italia is a leading company in Italy in the fintech and blockchain sectors. Its objective is to optimize digital processes through innovative protocols to improve efficiency. Thanks to its high specialization and tangible results, Blockchain Italia has developed various solutions for Italian and international clients, launching a multitude of products on the market for tokenization, payment systems, and notarization, such as, a notarization platform that won the “Top of the PID” award in 2020 and the MF Innovation Award in 2023, together with BNL. It is also the owner of the Blockchain Forum Italia format, an annual event that has been bringing together professionals and companies from the blockchain and fintech world since 2018, offering a unique opportunity for networking and in-depth exploration, and contributing to the growth and knowledge of the sector.

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