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Full cycle R&D for private and public blockchains – product, architecture, development and deployment

Decentralization enables completely new routes for doing business, however it also requires new paradigms for developing software:

  • We can help you develop full-scale solutions for new dapp ideas
  • We can help you  design  the smart contracts for any trustless scenario
  • We can help you set up private blockchain infrastructures for your business


We design smart contracts as well as the necessary off-chain infrastructure on behalf of companies and institutions.

  • Common anti-pattern analysis: check if the code is vulnerable to known security issues and attack vectors such as re-entrancy, transaction reordering, and overflows
  • Software engineering practice evaluation: evaluate test coverage and inheritance structure and detect frequent programming mistakes
  • Business logic review: identify loopholes in business logic or inconsistency between the logic and the implementation


We train managers and developers alike on every blockchain-related technologies.

The digital transformation is inexorably changing production models and internal processes: staying up-to-date must be on the agenda of every company and every manager.


Business Advisory

We have created criteria to assess the potential of blockchain technology companies for our internal decision processes.

When new technologies enter the market, there are often obstacles in terms of understanding and strategy.
Even if you are developing in-house, relying on professionals can be the most effective and simple solution.

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