Blockchain Italia will contribute its expertise to the development of a secure and innovative platform. First, analyzing blockchain solutions and defining the necessary technical requirements, then, implementing both any necessary smart contracts and the notarization and certification part of the data.



In the current context, the growing awareness regarding climate change and the need to adopt sustainable practices have become global priorities. Accurate quantification and certification of CO2 emissions are essential to support sustainability projects and to promote responsible management of natural resources. However, the current lack of transparency and reliability in certification methods presents a significant challenge.


The “CO2 Footprint Authentication Module” (COFAM) project represents an opportunity to develop an integrated solution for the digital certification of ecosystem services. This initiative aims to create an advanced system that uses sensors, software, and services to digitally certify the CO2 emissions stored by sustainable projects. The collaboration between high-level partners, including experts in blockchain, IoT sensors, and machine learning, will ensure the realization of an innovative, reliable, and state-of-the-art solution.


As a strategic partner of the COFAM project, Blockchain Italia will bring its experience and expertise in blockchain technology to develop a transparent and secure platform for the digital certification of CO2 emissions. The proposed solution includes:


  • Analysis of blockchain solutions: a thorough evaluation of existing blockchain solutions to identify the most suitable one for the project, ensuring transparency and traceability.
  • Definition of technical requirements: determination of the technical requirements necessary for the development of the blockchain solution, including communication protocols, consensus protocols, and validation algorithms.
  • Design and development of the various components: defining the architecture that the project will take in terms of smart contract, SDK, Web3 wallet and component monitoring systems and related development
  • Implementation of solutions: integration of what has been developed with execution of incremental tests that verify the reliability of the project

Our inputs

Research analysis and cataloging of projects to date that integrate blockchain in the context of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM).

Research, analysis and cataloging of the most suitable blockchains for the development of a European-wide project that can offer concrete solutions in the VCM context.

Actual design of the solution based on the data collected in the previous phases, also thanks to the collaboration with the other partners that are part of the project, and development of the module of our competence.

Implementation of the various modules with verification of the fluidity of interaction between them and development of the final solution

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