Blockchain Italia wins ‘Top of the PID 2020‘ Award for data governance

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It is called and it is the platform that makes blockchain ‘available to everyone’, allowing companies of all sizes, professionals and public administrations to attest and prove the existence and originality of a document at a given time.

Thanks to this innovation and its usefulness, the Milan-based Blockchain Italia S.r.l. developed and launched in 2019 and won, for the data governance category, the “Top of the PID 2020″ Award, the initiative promoted by Punti Impresa Digitale (PID) of Camere di commercio d’Italia and Unioncamere to give visibility to companies that are implementing or have implemented digital and innovative projects, products or services useful to businesses in the new production scenario that has been created with the spread of Covid-19.

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About Blockchain Italia Srl
Blockchain Italia is a leading company in Italy in the fintech and blockchain sectors. Its objective is to optimize digital processes through innovative protocols to improve efficiency. Thanks to its high specialization and tangible results, Blockchain Italia has developed various solutions for Italian and international clients, launching a multitude of products on the market for tokenization, payment systems, and notarization, such as, a notarization platform that won the “Top of the PID” award in 2020 and the MF Innovation Award in 2023, together with BNL. It is also the owner of the Blockchain Forum Italia format, an annual event that has been bringing together professionals and companies from the blockchain and fintech world since 2018, offering a unique opportunity for networking and in-depth exploration, and contributing to the growth and knowledge of the sector.

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